Making Better Choices

A couple weeks ago I discussed my total lack of motivation to do anything remotely worthwhile, as well as my semi-fervent promise to myself that I was going to do at least one thing starting the week after Disney that would change that.

I chose to try and lose five pounds.

I will be frank and say that this is not an easy course for me, for several reasons.

Number one, I am a horrible junk food junkie (just read my food blog and you’ll see that the majority of my posts deal with some sort of dessert).  I generally do pretty well about not buying junk food, and I usually also do well with not baking junk food (cookies, cake, brownies, and the like) unless I have an occasion or means of distributing the vast majority of it to family and friends and coworkers.  But both of my grandfathers could sniff out sweets from a mile away, and I seem to have inherited this trait.

Number two, despite my best intentions to follow a strict workout program, life usually butts in and takes away all my energy and free time, especially at the beginning of the school year.  I have my fingers crossed that this will not happen this year.

Number three, I don’t seem to gain/lose weight very quickly.  It’s a very long process.  Before my wedding, it took eight months of TurboJam to lose four pounds (and several inches). It took a year of being married for me to gain ten pounds back.  It took almost another year of various workout programs (and hiatuses from workout programs) to lose four pounds.  And since then I’ve sort of fluctuated between 134 pounds and 136 pounds.

To some that doesn’t sound like much, and I am within the healthy weight range for my height and age – except that it all goes to my butt, thighs, and, more recently, my middle.

So I’m about a week in to TurboFire.  I have maintained my weight at 134.8 pounds.  My husband thinks my tummy is a little tighter, but I think he’s hallucinating.  I realize it’s only a week in and it’s going to take at least another four weeks of intensely following this program schedule before I see any real results.  I’m hopeful, especially since in the past, when I did TurboJam, I did lose the weight and inches without modifying my diet too much.

I really do generally eat pretty healthfully.  I have breakfast every morning, usually something like Frosted Mini Wheats, and I bring a lunch to school that includes whole grains, low-fat yogurt, fruit, and sometimes something very small and sweet, like a sugar-free pudding cup.  I have a balanced dinner with fresh vegetables and lean meats.  I try not to snack too much, and I’ve definitely upped my intake of water the past couple years.

And as for soda…. I gave up soda for Lent two years ago and really have done a decent job of not drinking it since then.  Sometimes you’re stuck, and sometimes you just want a Coke, but for the most part, I don’t drink soda anymore, except as an occasional treat.  That’s really pretty good, considering that a few years ago I was drinking so much Coke that the caffeine was giving me an eyelid twitch.

It’s hard to make better choices about your lifestyle.  I’m lucky in that my husband is very supportive about what I’m trying to do.  Sometimes he even reminds me that it’s okay to indulge a little.  More than once, when we treat ourselves to dinner out at a restaurant, I’ll comment that I really want a Coke.  He’ll say something to the effect of, “You can either get a Coke or we can share a dessert.”  Usually dessert wins, but every now and then, I want the Coke.  But he never says stuff like, “No, you can’t.”

And I really don’t like working out until I’ve finished a workout (and feel all sweaty and accomplished), and he does a great job of being my cheerleader and affirming what I’m doing.  That kind of support is very important.

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