Stupid Technology

It seems that technology hates me a little bit this week.

First, our computer, which is just over a year old, completely froze up.  It was only pure luck and a miracle that when my husband restarted it, my manuscript (the software of which was still up and running when it froze) wasn’t missing any information – praise autosave.

Then our NetTalk dropped a call.  This has happened before, but usually after more than 45 minutes. This was after about two minutes.  I’m not sure if it’s our router or if it’s Road Runner.

Finally, my DVD player at school bit the dust.  Fortunately it was just at bus time.  But when I say bit the dust, I mean the stupid thing totally stopped working and wouldn’t even open so I could get the DVD out.  That’s the particularly sucky part – it was a brand new DVD of “Lilo and Stitch”, which I’d just purchased three weeks ago and removed the plastic wrapping literally five minutes before attempting to play it.

One must wonder what’s going on.

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