Magic Candy Canes

This particular little boy is the sort who likes to play with tiny things he finds everywhere. He has a tendency to kneel in his chair, rather than sit in it, can be rather impulsive, and had a certain propensity for not following directions.

The previous day, our beloved student teacher had come to spend the day with us, and given all the students a card and a candy cane. This little boy left his candy cane at school on accident. About halfway through this morning, he came up to me, candy cane in hand.

“Can I have a piece of tape? The wrapper is coming off.”

“Is that the candy cane Miss V gave you yesterday?” He nods, knowing he’s not supposed to be playing with it. “Let me hold onto it and you can take it home at the end of the day.”

He agreed, and we proceeded with the rest of the day. At bus time, he asked for his candy cane, which I handed over with the explicit directions to put it in his backpack and take home – he was not to eat it at school.

A little while later when his bus was called, he paused out in the hallway. Turning to the teacher next door, he gestured at her garbage cans, sitting outside her door, and asked, “Can I throw this away in here?”

Ever vigilant, I asked him, “What are you throwing away? Not your responsibility chart that you’re supposed to bring home with you.”

He shook his head rather emphatically. “No. My candy cane.”

“The candy cane I told you to put in your backpack and not to eat?”

“Yeah, but it’s all sticky because the wrapper is coming off.”

I gave him the “are you serious” teacher look. “It wouldn’t have come off if it had stayed in your backpack instead of you playing with it.”

He very earnestly looked at me and said, “The wrapper came off all by itself!”

The four teachers, myself included, who were standing in our doorways seeing our students off, immediately burst into laughter. Clearly, the candy canes our student teacher brought in were the magic kind, which have the power to unwrap themselves for ease of eating.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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