Two Weeks In – Where Am I?

I can’t believe we’re already two weeks into the new year. I feel like the holidays flew by.

So what’s my status?

I’m about five pages (estimated) away from having one chapter left in my rewrite. BOOM! That feels good. At the same time it’s got me a little sad. As I’ve said before, this book, in one form or another, has been a huge part of my life for seventeen years. It’s odd to think I’ll be truly done with it soon. My hope is to have the last chapter done by this weekend, so I can use my day of on MLK Day to read through the manuscript from beginning to end. Out loud.


I had the opportunity to meet author E.M. Crane a couple years ago during an adolescent literature class I was taking (as part of my Master’s in Literacy program) and one of the pieces of advice she gave aspiring authors was to lock yourself in a room (figuratively or literally) and read your work out loud from start to finish. That way you hear the things that sound awkward and you catch your grammar and spelling mistakes.

The next step after that is to print a copy and entrust it to a couple of very exceedingly discreet and trustworthy individuals to do a beta read for me. And then it’s on to the chapter summary, a daunting task, but one that’s really necessary in case an agent and/or editor requests one.

Since I’m rather bogged down at work with our new reading series this year, I anticipate being ready to tackle the task of finding a literary agent by summertime. If I’m very lucky, I may have one acquired by summer’s end.

I other news, I weighed myself on January 1st and tipped the scales at my highest weight ever. I shall not post it here, because I don’t need it enshrined. And technically I’m still within a “healthy” weight range, but it’s not a cool number. So for the first time ever I’m tracking my calorie intake and really pushing myself to do my workouts for a better reason than looking good in a wedding dress (which was the catalyst for getting fit the first time around in 2009).

I’ve also been trying to keep myself positive. I’m really a very optimistic person in general, but the past year or so has just thrown so much crap at me, it’s been hard to stay positive. Right now I feel like focusing on my health and fitness, and on my writing, is important. It gives me something to dwell on other than what has been making me sad for so long. I anticipate still having sad days here and there, but hopefully they’ll be few and far between.

It’s also time to start thinking about vacations. 🙂

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