A Picture of You

A Picture of You

I do not have a picture of you
So there are many things I wonder.
Are you sugar and spice
Or puppy dog tails?
How fine is your hair?
Is it dark or light?
Do you have my changeable hazel eyes,
Or his beautiful blues?
Does your smile mirror mine?
How tiny are your ears?
Did you get his dimples
Or my widow’s peak?
It’s silly, but I pray you have his nose,
Not mine.

I cannot have a picture of you,
But there are many things I know for sure.
You are a rosy-cheeked cherub.
You have ten perfect fingers
And ten perfect toes.
Your laughter rings with the joy of angels,
And your tears would wring my heart.
You would know my voice,
And his,
And would reach for us with your chubby arms
Because you know we love you.
When you sleep, you are a doll.
When you’re awake, you are all the things
We dreamed of.

There will be no picture of you,
Not today, nor throughout the years.
We will never know the things you’ll love,
The accomplishments you’ll reach.
Will you love music,
Or sports,
Or both?
When you color, do you think your work
Equal to that of Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh?
(And will you find our walls the perfect canvas?)
What shapes will you make
When you help me make biscottis?
How will your eyes sparkle
The first time you realize how beautiful
Our Christmas tree is?
Will you be afraid of Santa?
Are you as fond of sweets as I am?
You come by it honestly if you do –
Just ask your great-grampas.
What subjects will hook you in school?
Would you be bored when I drag you
To forts and battlefields,
Or will you find it as interesting as I do?
Will you help him plant tomatoes and beans
And flowers in the garden?
Will you want your own pair of binoculars
So you can watch the birds at the feeders with him?
He likes to fish – would you have wanted to learn?
Will you struggle for every passing grade
Or will you be at the top of your graduating class?
What ambitions will you hold?
Whatever you do, I would love you and be proud,
And always do my best to guide you.

The questions about things I know
And the things I’ll never know,
Would have been answered today
And every day after.
But I’ll never have a picture of you
Except the one in my heart.
But maybe that’s the truest picture
I could ever have of you.

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