Welcome to My 6th Grade Classroom!

Open House was this past Thursday, and in the couple of hours between dismissal and the start of Open House, I finished spiffifying my room. Would you like to take the grand tour?

My classroom is sort of the transition point between the “still a little elementary” feel of the fifth grade rooms and the “now you’re in middle school” feel of the other sixth grade rooms. But I like making it fun and homey.

Classroom setup

Please come in!


Front of the room

The daily schedule, calendar, reminders, etc.

Where Are You Magnets

The “Where Are You?” board. Each student has a magnet with their class number on it, and anytime they go somewhere in the building, they move their magnet to the appropriate place so I know, at a glance, where people are. I modified this idea from something I saw on Buzzfeed, where a similar board was made out of a cookie tin.

Classroom rules

Classroom rules, aligned to school rules, created and agreed on by my students.

SWAG and Homework

The Homework Board and a reminder that our class has S.W.A.G. (Success, Willpower, Attitude, Goals)


View of the front of the room. See my Common Core Learning Targets?

Classroom Library

Perhaps the most important part – the classroom library.

Classroom Library Sign Out

You borrow a book? Sign it out!

Literature genres

Basic literature genres.

Classroom Library

Various magazines and books of interest.

Classroom Library

I labeled every single dang book!  I also didn’t realize how messy this shelf was until after I took the picture.

So there it is! Settled into sixth grade, almost five weeks down and ready for more!










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