Whet Your Appetite for Some Chocolate

Only four and a half weeks remain until BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE is released! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

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In the meantime, can I whet your appetite?

Chapter 1: The Phone Call

Three canvas shopping bags weigh me down as I stumble through my apartment door, sighing when the blast of air conditioning hits me. I navigate the seven paces to my galley kitchen, then drop my groceries on the counter and rifle through the bags until I find my Snickers bar. Luckily, it hasn’t melted in the late June heat. Tearing open the wrapper, I take a huge bite.

Heaven . . . after a long day on my feet rolling pastries and filling cream puffs.

I love my job, which normally takes my mind off my lack of a history-related career and my latest string of bad first dates. But then again, nothing is better than chocolate.

My cell rings, and I struggle to chew the mouthful of gooey goodness well enough to swallow, while I extract my phone from the bottom of my purse. A picture of my bleach-blond best friend, Sadie Miller, flashes on the screen. I force down my half-chewed chocolate and lift the phone to my ear.woman-791874_1280


I haven’t talked to Sadie in a few weeks, other than text messages and posting on Facebook, and it’s been even longer since we last saw each other. I went up to Atlanta in April to visit her and her fiancé, Ryan Wutkowski, but they haven’t been to Savannah since I moved into this postage-stamp-sized apartment. Sadie hates how old-fashioned things feel down here, especially when summer ramps up.

A squeal sounds on the other end of the line. “Oh, my God, Carmella, I’m so excited! I’m getting married in a month!”

“I know.” I grin and loosen the candy wrapper, then freeze. “Wait . . . What?”

“I’m getting married in St. Croix at the end of July. And you’re gonna be my maid of honor.”

Hungry for more? Preview all of Chapter 1 HERE!

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