Better Than Chocolate: Meet the Main Characters

Tomorrow is release day! It’s finally here!


If you want to order your copy of the ebook, head on over to Amazon ASAP. Don’t have a Kindle? Not to worry! As long as you have a device that supports the Kindle Reading App (which is free), you should be able to download BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE with no problems.

Don’t forget that I’m running a Rafflecopter Giveaway through 11:59pm EST on September 9th. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (1 winner) or a copy of BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE (5 winners). All winners will be notified no later than 8:00pm EST on Friday, September 11th.

All day tomorrow, from 5:00am through 9:00pm, I’ll be hosting a Virtual Release Day Party on my Facebook page. I’ll be popping in throughout the day, mostly in the evening (because I went back to work – more on that another time). Feel free to bombard me with questions, comments, and so on, about BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE.

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Okay, now that the housekeeping is done, who wants to meet the main characters?

Meet Carmella Sannarelli

Carmella Sannarelli is an Upstate New Yorker by birth, but considers Savannah, Georgia, to be her adopted hometown. She came south to attend college at the University of Georgia in Athens, after a sticky situation cropped up following her high school graduation. She walked away from UGA with a degree in History and has aspirations of becoming a museum curator – or maybe something more. Until she lands that dream job, she’s content to volunteer as a tour guide at several Savannah historic sites, and makes her living as a pastry chef.delicious chocolate

Which allows her access to plenty of her favorite sweet something – chocolate!

Carmella’s aim is to please people and keep those she loves happy. This has kept her a bit in the shadows, but she’s never been resentful about the attention her more outgoing friends tend to receive.  She’s the sort who’d drop everything in a heartbeat if a friend needed her – which is why she’s ready and willing to board a plane to the Caribbean and be the maid of honor at Sadie’s elopement to a complete stranger.

Finding out what happened between Sadie and Ryan, her two recently-engaged but now broken-up best friends, is just another motivator.

Meet Sadie Miller

A native to Athens, Georgia, Sadie Miller befriended Carmella on their first day of orientation at UGA, and the two were basically inseparable until Carmella decided to move to Savannah. The quintessential people-person, Sadie’s bubbly, effervescent personality makes her the sort who’ll do her best to make others feel welcome and have a good time. Even though she sometimes comes off as being air-headed or shallow, she has a heart of gold and is fiercely loyal to those she loves.

Sadie wedding-dress-850606_1280earned a degree in marketing, but she’s never been quite as enthusiastic about her career as she has finding a fairy tale Happily Ever After. Throughout college, she seemed to have a revolving door when it came to boyfriends.

That is, until she and Ryan decided to give romance a try toward the end of their senior year. She stuck with her commitment to him for six years – but something drove her to break their engagement and find love elsewhere.

Meet Ryan Wutkowski

After serving four years in the Marine Corps, Ryan Wutkowski decided to attend UGA and earn a degree in Civil Engineering. The native Michigander went on to earn a Master’s Degree in historic preservation, but the engineering firm he works for in Atlanta doesn’t give him much opportunity to put his graduate studies to work. Though a promotion came his way shortly after he and Sadie got engaged, he turned it down in favor of the more hands-on projects he enjoys in his current position.sports-768430_1280

Loyal doesn’t begin to describe Ryan – he’s the ultimate protector of those he cares about. The whole reason he met Sadie and Carmella at the end of their freshman year was due to his instinct to step in when people are threatened, when he took down one of Sadie’s exes who decided to harass the two girls.

But loyalty can be Ryan’s downfall, as well. Making a lifelong commitment to Sadie may have meant giving up a piece of his own happiness – he’s not as broken up about being jilted as one might expect.

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