Merry Christmas!

From the craziness of Thanksgiving to the craziness of Christmas, the past three weeks have been something of a blur.

We only had three weeks of school between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas break. Every year I always feel like there should be another week between the two holidays. I mean, I know it’s four calendar weeks between them, and that school usually runs for about three of those. But it always feels like there should be more time.

I’m never ready for Christmas.

After this week, I’ll be sharing a few other fun things related to Better Than Chocolate – some inside scoop sorts of things. Also, I’ve been working on Book 2 of the “Sweet Somethings” series in particular. (No major details yet, as it’s still quite early in the drafting process. But I will share that Book 2’s heroine will be traveling to Rome, Italy!)

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter to stay in the loop with announcements about the “Sweet Somethings” series.

And to everyone who celebrates, Merry Christmas! (And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, may these final days of December be full of fun, laughter, and love, with a joyful New Year just around the corner.)


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