WHEN IN ROME: Meet the Main Characters

Tomorrow, WHEN IN ROME will hit the virtual bookshelves of Amazon.com – so don’t forget to swing over there and order your copy!


I’m excited about this, as I’m sure you all can imagine.

My Release Day Rafflecopter Giveaway is running through midnight on April 16th. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (one winner) or a copy of WHEN IN ROME for Kindle (5 winners). Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read WHEN IN ROME (or BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, for that matter). Any device that will run the free Kindle reading app will allow you to download and read any Kindle book, but most especially the books in my Sweet Somethings series.

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Enough of the housekeeping – let’s meet our main characters!

Meet Kate Miller

photographer-16022_1920Kate Miller has always thought of herself as the older, frumpier version of her little sister Sadie. Disappointment and heartache have followed her for years. Reeling from her parents’ recent divorce and the fiasco of her sister jilting one fiance and eloping to the Caribbean with another, the last thing Kate believes in is true love. Rather than risk her heart, she hides behind an armor of snark and a camera.

Photography is Kate’s bread and butter, and the passion that drives her to seek success. Her modest photography studio in Atlanta specializes in wedding and engagement portraiture, but she dreams of becoming a big name in fine art photography. Though it’s not her forte, working an international fashion photo shoot in Rome could pave the way to reaching her dream.

The one thing she does not have time for is romance. At least, so she thinks. But taking a leap of faith with her profession could go hand in hand with taking a leap of faith with her very vulnerable heart…

Meet Domenic Varezzi

The American son of Italian immigrants has worked his way up from the bottom of the world of photography. Now one of the most sought-after, world renown fashion photographers, Domenic Varezzi can basically write his own checks and play by his own rules.baltic-sea-360280_1920

But deep down, he’s looking for a partner. Someone to not only share in his professional success, but to share in his life.

Domenic’s been burned before. Badly. But he’s still willing to take a chance on Kate Miller, in more ways than one…

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