THE ONE I’M WITH in Print October 12th (GIVEAWAY)

Who wants to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card AND a signed copy of THE ONE I’M WITH?

The truth is, letting yourself fall in love means daring to risk heartbreak.

Next Thursday, October 12th, THE ONE I’M WITH comes out in paperback. To celebrate, I’m running a giveaway.

To enter, head over to Rafflecopter and check out all your chances to win.

One Grand Prize winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card AND a signed copy of THE ONE I’M WITH. Five winners will receive all four Sweet Somethings titles for Kindle.

The giveaway runs from October 6th through October 18th, and winners will be notified by midnight on October 20th.

31 thoughts on “THE ONE I’M WITH in Print October 12th (GIVEAWAY)

  1. joab4424 says:

    My favorite thing about reading romance is the HEA. No matter how the couple struggles with their relationship, I always want them to work things out and be happy together at the end.

  2. Reese says:

    I really like seeing how different people get together, what obstacles they face, and yes, the HEA. Because life is already full of crappy things, it’s nice to have something nice and hopeful you can rely on.

  3. James Robert says:

    It is actually one of my 2 sisters who I look for romance books for. Not sure exactly what she gets out of it but she loves them. The other one loves mystery/thriller books.

  4. ronald says:

    I love to read romance because it gives you the ability to escape from where we are to another place we’d rather be. I think of reading as growing and learning. We can learn so much from books and become a better partner in a relationship.

  5. Leanne says:

    I like reading romance books because you get in a romantic state of mind and start thinking about your own romance in your own marriage and just sets my mind in a happy state

  6. MaryAnne JK says:

    I like getting lost in the read….it’s like the world goes on, but I’m taken away for a little while…plus, it’s a good time to sit off somewhere with my special treats to snack/munch while I’m reading….I’m not selfish with my treats, it’s just known that there’s love here that smiles when my little treats are brought out 🙂

  7. Jan says:

    What I like the most about romance stories is how passionate and exciting they are. You also feel both the character’s pain and joy.

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