Books I Reread (Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge)

This week, I’m tackling the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge from Long & Short Reviews – the topic is “Books I reread (or want to reread)”.

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Anne of green Gables Series

One of my absolute favorite book series is the Anne of Green Gables series.

I first met Anne in fourth grade, thanks to a friend, and never looked back. Not only do I periodically reread the entire 8-book series, I also own and have read (multiple times) every L.M. Montgomery series, book, and short story collection ever published. I cannot wait to share the delights of Anne-with-an-E with my daughters.

The Chronicles of Narnia

I can’t remember when I first discovered The Chronicles of Narnia. I think I read The Magician’s Nephew as part of a children’s literature course in college, and went on from there.

There are two schools of thought in terms of the order one should read the Narnia books. Most people start with The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and end with The Magician’s Nephew, while others put Magician first, as it is chronologically the beginning of Narnia (literally). I’ve read Narnia both ways and don’t really have a preference.

The North & South Trilogy

I am a huge fan of John Jakes. Like L.M. Montgomery, I own every book he’s ever published (except the sci-fi volumes he wrote under a pen name). I think he may finally have retired from the literary scene, but there is definitely a reason he’s called The Godfather of Historial Fiction.

I first read the North and South trilogy after a friend introduced me to the television mini series adaptations of the first two books when we were in high school. They are hefty books, and for someone as into the Civil War era as me, they are an excellently researched and written set of books, especially for the era of publication in which they were written.

Other Favorites

These are, of course, not the end all and be all of the books I love to reread. I used to read The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and The Silmarillion once a year. And I think I’ve read Gone with the Wind about 16 times altogether.

There is nothing like an old favorite book. It’s like revisiting an old friend!

What are your favorite books to reread? What do you hope to reread in the future?

8 thoughts on “Books I Reread (Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge)

  1. dixiejackson says:

    I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables. I’m not even sure why it’s never made it to my TBR pile. I have been eyeballing the Kent Family Chronicles by Jakes. Have you read those as well?

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