Jen Versus Spackle

Every surface in my house is covered with spackle dust right now. We’re at the tail end of our final indoor home remodeling project – we’ve built a closet in our family room, have painted, and have started putting down flooring. That’s in addition to the beautiful oak mantle my husband built around our fireplace.

We managed to contain the majority of the spackle dust in the family room with some plastic sheeting draped across the breakfast nook. But we have forced air heat, and it is February, so it’s all getting sucked through our system and deposited everywhere. I shudder to think what our furnace filter looks like.

On the upside, we’re done making dust, so hopefully by this evening we’ll be ready to clean.

Except every stinking surface from floors to tables to the leather couch and the computer, needs to be wiped down, vacuumed, hit with my new Swiffer WetJet……  I just want my house back!