The Gumbeaux Sistahs (Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway)


by Jax Frey

Genre: Fiction Humor/Women’s Lit

Book Blurb

Five Southern women wage a hilarious war against the ageism problems of one of their deep-in-trouble sisters using their improbable friendships, evil-genius schemes, oh-so-numerous cocktails, and a shared passion for good gumbo.

When southern artist, Judith Lafferty, loses her long-time, prestigious museum job to a much younger man, she finds herself devastated, alone in her sixties, and on the brink of financial disaster. Enter the incomparable Gumbeaux Sistahs, who deliver day-old coffee to her front door as a ploy, then go on to kidnap her, feed her excellent gumbo, and come up with outrageous solutions to her problems. Their motives are just good excuses to drink wine, have a great time, argue over whose mother makes the best gumbo, and, most of all, help a sister out. Ageism, dangerous boyfriends, deep loneliness, and any other challenges that can face the over fifty crowd don’t stand a chance against these five resourceful ladies. The Gumbeaux Sistahs is a heart-warming, smart story of friendship and unexpected shenanigans that you do not want to miss.

Read an Excerpt

At 3 p.m., she found herself in the living room, feet-up on the coffee table, sweaty, dirty and exhausted. Then the doorbell rang. In her mind she could hear her kids saying to her, “Don’t kill whoever it is, Mom, it’s probably just the mail lady delivering the mail as she does every day. You need the mail, Mom. Please don’t hurt the nice lady.”

She chuckled in spite of herself, and went to greet the mail lady, who had seen Judith looking this bad a time or two before from doing chores around the house. So Judith was not worried about her appearance when she swung open the front door. Before she could get it completely open, a hand carrying a coffee cup appeared around the corner, and came dangerously close to poking her in the eye.

“Hello, dear,” came a cheerful voice from the other side of the door. “You forgot your coffee yesterday, so we decided to bring it to you.”

Judith peered around the coffee cup and the door, and was completely shocked to find the four women from the coffee house yesterday, standing on her front steps. Stunned, she sputtered, “What the . . . ?”

“Special delivery!” yelled Lola, with a huge grin on her freckled face.

“You followed me home?” said a stunned Judith, in shock and embarrassment over her appearance. She did not want to be rude, but this was above and beyond weird. She thought, “Have they been stalking me? That’s so creepy!” She deeply regretted opening the door.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said Dawn sarcastically, checking her phone as she talked. “Nobody has time for stalking anymore. Now we just follow people around. That’s different, right?”

“What?” thought Judith. She found herself wondering who the heck these women really were. They looked harmless enough, but she was suddenly filled with doubt, and a little bit of fear.

Helen gave Dawn an exasperated look and explained, “Don’t mind her, Judith. She’s teasing. We didn’t follow you. We know where you live. Lola lives right across the street, remember?”

Lola added with a smirk, “Don’t tell me you forgot that already.”

“No, I didn’t — sorry.” Judith took hold of the cup, and was surprised to find that it was cold and kind of used-looking. A thought occurred to her and she asked, astonished, “Wait — is this actually the same coffee from yesterday?”

“Yes, dear,” said Bea, smiling brightly, “We took good care of it for you.”

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Meet Jax Frey

Born in New Orleans, Jax Frey came into this world, whooping and hollering, with a sense of love and celebration of Louisiana culture, food, family and fun.  Translating that celebration into her writing and onto canvas is her true calling.  Her colorful art depicts everything-Louisiana from her dancing Gumbeaux Sistahs paintings to her popular line of original Mini paintings.  Because over 25,000 of the mini paintings have been created and sold into art collections worldwide, Jax holds a world’s record for The Most Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas by One Artist.

Jax is also the co-founder of the Women of Infinite Possibilities, an empowering women’s organization started in Covington, LA, where Jax lives today with her loveable, tornado-of-a-pug named Lucy. The Gumbeaux Sistahs is her debut novel.


For more information please visit –

FB and Instagram – Gumbeaux Sistahs

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THE ONE I’M WITH Print Release Giveaway – Winners Announced!

The Print Release Giveaway for THE ONE I’M WITH has ended, and winners have been notified!

And the Grand prize winner is:

  • Mary Lou MacKenzie (GRAND PRIZE )

Winners of a Kindle set of the entire Sweet Somethings series:

  • Vladimir Palyuga
  • Rachel Flavin
  • Alan Saxon
  • Kimberly Camille Tiu
  • Kathy Bergman

Thanks to everyone who checked out my giveaway!

Ready for a Taste of the Newest Sweet Something?

THE ONE I’M WITH comes out this Wednesday, and I don’t know about all of you, but I’m excited. Remember that there’s a Rafflecopter Release Day Giveaway going on right now, and you can preorder your Kindle copy right this very second.

But you don’t have to wait until Wednesday to get a glimpse….

Chapter 1: Girls’ Night Out

Music blares from the Bluetooth speaker on my ddress-186249_1280resser, and I sing along at the top of my lungs as I buzz between my bedroom and the adjoining bathroom. Saturday’s long-standing girls’ night out tradition dates back to when my three best friends and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina, after our college graduation. This week’s get-together couldn’t come soon enough. Three spring redecorating jobs have kept me swamped for the past month and a half, and today I worked later than usual to wrap up a few odds and ends for my clients.

My gaze falls on the bedside clock. I slow my steps with a grimace. My ride should be here in ten minutes or so, and I still haven’t decided on shoes or jewelry to go along with the black burnout leggings and clingy thigh-length red tunic dress I’ve chosen for tonight. Normally I’d be waiting patiently on my front porch by now. But a last minute phone call right after dinner pushed the start of my night-out preparations back almost a half-hour.

Running my fingers lightly through my curly pixie cut, I duck into my closet and grab two pairs of shoes. I haven’t had a chance to wear the red heels yet, but the knee-high black riding boots would be a more sensible choice. Parking near Pack Square tends to be limited, especially on the weekend, and the boots will be more comfortable if we have to walk more than two blocks to the bar.

I put on one of each shoe and turn to the cheval mirror in the corner. Sexy sometimes trumps comfort, even if it means blisters the next morning. Hands on my hips, I lift my right foot up so I can only see the red shoe on my left. My eyes narrow, and then I switch feet. I alternate my view of the shoes a couple more times, no closer to a decision.

A phone call interrupts the music playing on my cell phone. I hobble over to my dresser and check the caller ID. My older sister, Beth.

Figures she’d call just as I’m about to head out the door.

My hand hovers over the phone. My sister calls me once or twice a month, sometimes more if I haven’t been diligent about keeping in touch. But tonight, given how crazy my week has been and how much I just want to relax with my friends and a cold beer, I don’t feel like talking to her. Pursing my lips, I press the button on the side of my phone and send Beth to voicemail. There will be time enough tomorrow to listen to her well-intentioned lecture on how it’s okay to stay home once in a while, that it’s time for me to focus as much on the direction of my personal life as I have my professional life.

Which is sister-speak for quit with the casual dating and commit to somebody already.

Easy for her to say. She married her college sweetheart, and two seconds after landing her dream job at a Manhattan talent agency, she popped out a kid who’s about as perfect as they come. Everyone expected me to follow suit.

Including myself.

But then life happened, and all my expectations evaporated.

Shaking my head, I banish those thoughts. Life is great. I like my life.

The doorbell rings, jolting me out of the morose track my mind almost took.

“Marissa!” a familiar voice shouts from my front hall.

To find out who’s at Marissa’s door, preview all of Chapter 1 here.

Official Release Date – THE ONE I’M WITH (Sweet Somethings Book 3)

Now that all the official things are official, I can announce that you only have to wait one more month for the next installment in the Sweet Somethings Series.

Preorder info is still forthcoming, as are announcements about Release Day activities and so on. Be sure to stay tuned to my socials (Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, Pinterest, YouTube) and join my email newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news.

In the meantime…

The One I’m With (Sweet Somethings #3)


The truth is, letting yourself fall in love means daring to risk heartbreak.

Interior designer Marissa O’Brien has sworn off long-term relationships, instead protecting herself from a broken heart by following a specific set of rules when it comes to her many flirtations and first dates. She’s content to just have fun in the world of romance, but all her rules fly out the window when she grabs the attention of a sexy, international stranger during her weekly Girls’ Night Out.

Josh Mattingly has spent the last two years trying to turn over a new leaf, focusing on his role in the family corporation and erasing his womanizing reputation. In Asheville, North Carolina, on business, the last thing he’d planned on was getting involved with a local girl. But one encounter with Marissa has him hooked. He soon falls hard for the designer, and now he’s terrified to reveal his romantic past for fear she’ll bolt.

Marissa recognizes a playboy when she sees one and tries to keep her attraction to Josh under wraps–until they share a passionate kiss that leaves both of them singed. Still, she knows their love affair has an expiration date, and everything is destined to end once Josh finishes his business in Asheville. Now, along with showing his family that he’s left his old habits behind, Josh has a new challenge–proving to Marissa that she can trust him with her heart.

Coming October 12, 2016 From

Soul Mate Publishing

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WHEN IN ROME: Meet the Main Characters

Tomorrow, WHEN IN ROME will hit the virtual bookshelves of – so don’t forget to swing over there and order your copy!


I’m excited about this, as I’m sure you all can imagine.

My Release Day Rafflecopter Giveaway is running through midnight on April 16th. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (one winner) or a copy of WHEN IN ROME for Kindle (5 winners). Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read WHEN IN ROME (or BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, for that matter). Any device that will run the free Kindle reading app will allow you to download and read any Kindle book, but most especially the books in my Sweet Somethings series.

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Enough of the housekeeping – let’s meet our main characters!

Meet Kate Miller

photographer-16022_1920Kate Miller has always thought of herself as the older, frumpier version of her little sister Sadie. Disappointment and heartache have followed her for years. Reeling from her parents’ recent divorce and the fiasco of her sister jilting one fiance and eloping to the Caribbean with another, the last thing Kate believes in is true love. Rather than risk her heart, she hides behind an armor of snark and a camera.

Photography is Kate’s bread and butter, and the passion that drives her to seek success. Her modest photography studio in Atlanta specializes in wedding and engagement portraiture, but she dreams of becoming a big name in fine art photography. Though it’s not her forte, working an international fashion photo shoot in Rome could pave the way to reaching her dream.

The one thing she does not have time for is romance. At least, so she thinks. But taking a leap of faith with her profession could go hand in hand with taking a leap of faith with her very vulnerable heart…

Meet Domenic Varezzi

The American son of Italian immigrants has worked his way up from the bottom of the world of photography. Now one of the most sought-after, world renown fashion photographers, Domenic Varezzi can basically write his own checks and play by his own rules.baltic-sea-360280_1920

But deep down, he’s looking for a partner. Someone to not only share in his professional success, but to share in his life.

Domenic’s been burned before. Badly. But he’s still willing to take a chance on Kate Miller, in more ways than one…

New Year, New Goals

2015 proved to be a huge year for me. We moved from my Upstate New York hometown to Charlotte, North Carolina. Even as I wrestled with sleep training, weaning, and teething, I returned to work full-time as a 4th grade teacher.

And I landed my first publishing contract for not just Better Than Chocolate, but an entire series! (If you want to keep up on the latest news when it comes available, don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter!)

Another new year is upon us, and as usual, I find myself thinking about the goals I would like to set for myself this year.


In years past, I’ve focused my goals and/or resolutions on a variety of aspects of my life. But with my career as a published author in its fledgling state, I decided to be a little more precise with this year’s list of goals.

This is not to say, of course, that I don’t have goals relating to my personal life. I’d like to get back in shape (or even just start with finding time to exercise regularly again!), read more for pleasure (I just downloaded about a dozen new Kindle books), figure out how to balance my return to full-time teaching with being a mom (because I’m still not there yet), cook more (this will be much easier when we’ve moved to our new house and I have a gourmet kitchen), and so on.

But it’s important to put my writing goals down for all to see. You can keep yourself accountable if you not only write down what you hope to achieve, but make sure those in your support system are aware of what you want to accomplish.

So here goes.

  1. Finish Sweet Somethings Book #2. This one is kind of a no-brainer and a requirement, as we’re looking at an April release. But to hit that release target, I need to get the finished product to my editor at Soul Mate soon. So that’ll be my primary focus for the next couple weeks.
  2. Related to number one… Write something every day. I forget where I read it, and I’ve probably read it in several places. But this fall there were a lot of days, weeks even, when I never even opened my writing program. Even if it’s just a couple paragraphs, writing every day will help me keep moving forward with my career.
  3. Develop a stronger online professional presence. Before Babycakes, I had more time to spend online, blogging, and interacting with friends and followers on social media. I used to live-tweet SU basketball games and episodes of “Sleepy Hollow” – which I haven’t even watched this season – and a lot of my early online connections were made with people who liked the same things I like. I want to get back to all that, along with doing a better job promoting colleagues’ work as well as my own.
  4. Peddle my post-Civil War historical romance. I have a lot of editing to do, but I’d like to start shopping the manuscript around before 2016 is out.
  5. On a similar note… Return to the “Magnum Opus”. I haven’t done any serious work on the Magnum Opus in close to a year. Volume one is almost to a point where I’d feel comfortable querying it, and the characters have started bugging me to not only take them down that road but also return to volume 2, which has sat in First Draft Limbo for literally years.
  6. Do more freelance work. Some of it’s boring, some of it doesn’t pay particularly well. But I’d like to take on freelance projects with more regularity, even if just to say, “Hey look, I made an extra $50 this month!”
  7. Write and submit more short stories. Short fiction isn’t my forte, and I don’t pretend that it is. But I have a lot of little plot bunnies swirling around that could become interesting stories if I ever got around to playing with them. I’d like to do that – and if they don’t hit the pages of online or print literary magazines, I’ll just start posting stuff here for fun.

Bring it, 2016!