Honor Them

They are the line
Between freedom and tyranny
They are husbands, brothers, sons, fathers
Wives, sisters, daughters, mothers
And heroes

They walk among us
And ask little in return
For all they do for us

They have camped under the stars
In rain, in mud, in snow, in heat
Hungry and thirsty
Tired and footsore
Homesick and lonely

But they have continued
And willingly risked all
And sometimes gave all
To protect our freedom
And the freedom of others
From tyranny and oppression

They have stood proud and unwavering
When we have been threatened
They have answered a call
And served with integrity
And stirred our pride in their fortitude

And though some belittle them
And have forgotten
The tasks they have undertaken
The injuries they have sustained
The hardships they have endured
The blood they have shed
For us and our continued liberty
In defense of our country
Our flag
Our Constitution
We must remember
And we must honor them

For theirs is the greatest undertaking
As they make safe our cities
Our states, our nation
So that we may sleep soundly in our beds
And break bread in peace around our tables
And carry on the business of our lives
Without oppression and fear

They are our veterans
And we do well
To remember them
And honor them
As we do all those
Who have gone before
In the name of freedom