The Official Release Date (and a couple other things)

Three friends. A broken engagement. A surprise elopement. A big secret. A lot of chocolate.

Three friends. A broken engagement. A surprise elopement. A big secret. A lot of chocolate.

Many people have been asking me (with baited breath in my imagination) when BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE will be released.

The official release date is September 2nd!

*happy dance*

Presale info will be coming soon, along with links for where to buy your own copy of the e-book.

I’ll also have some info coming soon on the official release day Facebook Party, as well as a Rafflecopter giveaway contest in which you can enter for a chance to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card or a copy of BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE.

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I’m getting excited. Aren’t you getting excited?

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Cover Reveal – Better Than Chocolate (Sweet Somethings #1)

Happy Monday! You’ll notice that the redecorating of my site is coming along nicely. There are still a few things I’m working on, but that’s not why I’m here today.

Since I finally have my ducks in a row, I’m pleased to share the official cover and blurb for my upcoming release, the first book in my Sweet Somethings Series!

Ready? Here we go!

Better Than Chocolate (Sweet Somethings #1)

Better Than Chocolate

Carmella Sannarelli is a people pleaser. She can’t say no to anyone, even when it means putting off her own personal goals in the process. So, when her best friend, Sadie Miller, calls with the announcement that she’s broken up with one fiancé and eloping with another in St. Croix, Carmella can’t stop herself from dropping everything and accepting the invitation to stand as maid of honor.

Jilted fiancé Ryan Wutkowski has been the third member of the Carmella-Sadie trio for nine years. He fully supports Sadie’s new engagement and upcoming nuptials, knowing it’s the right decision and best for both of them. But when he boards a plane to San Juan for a business conference, Carmella is the last person he expects to find occupying the seat next to his.

Two days in San Juan, then a week in St. Croix—Carmella knows her two best friends are hiding something. But can she figure out what went wrong between them as she battles her own tingly, off-kilter feelings toward Ryan, while dodging advances from a womanizing best man, and confirming for herself that Sadie did make the right decision? When Ryan unexpectedly shows up at the rehearsal dinner and gets himself invited to the wedding, will Carmella finally uncover the secret he’s held since the day they first met?


Soul Mate Publishing

Redecorating and a Mini-Announcement

I decided this afternoon that it was time to spruce things up around here. There are several elements I’ll be puttering with over the next couple weeks, so bear with me as I make the changes.

In the meantime, I can happily announce that my first publication, BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, is slated for release in September. Once the hubbub of the holiday weekend finishes subsiding, I’ll be posting some official info – including the cover art and blurb!

Stay tuned!

Off to Camp – Camp NaNoWriMo, That Is

Way back in the early 2000s, I attempted NaNoWriMo a couple times. I didn’t get far. November is sort of a sucky month for teachers to attempt a 50k word draft.

Then in 2012, I decided to try tacking JulNoWriMo. The result was the first three-quarters of the manuscript that, eventually, became my upcoming chick lit romance, BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE (which should be out this September if all goes as scheduled – more about that in the coming weeks). I gave the July version of this writing challenge another go in 2013, which resulted in the first half of a post-Civil War historical romance that, hopefully, will see the light of day now that I’ve pulled it out of First Draft Limbo.

Anyhoo, a few years ago the folks who run NaNoWriMo started holding these Camp NaNoWriMo events in April and July. Given that I have 3 more books planned to follow BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, I thought it might be a good idea to try drafting the next installment this July.

It’ll be messy, but it’ll be a starting point.

So tomorrow I’m off to Camp!