Being published for Kindle has been a pretty awesome experience. But still, I have always held onto that dream of seeing my work in actual physical print.

(I know technically an ebook is in print. But you know what I mean.)

Now that dream has come true!

BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE is now available in print at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Three friends. A broken engagement. A surprise elopement. A big secret. A lot of chocolate.


This is like, the epitome of awesomesauce for me as an author.

And if you’re of the “I prefer Kindle/ebook” persuasion (because let’s face it, it’s easier to load up on books for a vacation when you don’t literally have to load up on books), and still haven’t snagged a copy of BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE yet, here’s another fun scoop of awesomesauce.

For one week, starting this Friday, May 13th, BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE will be available for $0.99 at Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla.

So really, there’s no good reason to NOT check it out.:)

On a somewhat related not and as a final announcement, thanks to everyone who entered my Rafflecopter giveaway for the May Fresh Fiction Box NOT to Miss. Congrats to Ryan Summers, the lucky winner of this great box of literary goodies.

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WHEN IN ROME Release Day Giveaway – Winners Announced!

I’m very pleased to announce the winners of the WHEN IN ROME Release Day Giveaway.

Love isn’t always picture perfect…

Grand Prize Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card is: RITA WRAY

And the winners of a copy of WHEN IN ROME for Kindle are:

  • Sophia Pelamonia
  • Robin Abrams
  • Elizabeth Stacy
  • Brandi Dagwan
  • Sue Ahn

All winners have been notified. Thanks, everyone, for entering the giveaway!

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WHEN IN ROME: Meet the Main Characters

Tomorrow, WHEN IN ROME will hit the virtual bookshelves of – so don’t forget to swing over there and order your copy!


I’m excited about this, as I’m sure you all can imagine.

My Release Day Rafflecopter Giveaway is running through midnight on April 16th. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (one winner) or a copy of WHEN IN ROME for Kindle (5 winners). Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read WHEN IN ROME (or BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, for that matter). Any device that will run the free Kindle reading app will allow you to download and read any Kindle book, but most especially the books in my Sweet Somethings series.

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Enough of the housekeeping – let’s meet our main characters!

Meet Kate Miller

photographer-16022_1920Kate Miller has always thought of herself as the older, frumpier version of her little sister Sadie. Disappointment and heartache have followed her for years. Reeling from her parents’ recent divorce and the fiasco of her sister jilting one fiance and eloping to the Caribbean with another, the last thing Kate believes in is true love. Rather than risk her heart, she hides behind an armor of snark and a camera.

Photography is Kate’s bread and butter, and the passion that drives her to seek success. Her modest photography studio in Atlanta specializes in wedding and engagement portraiture, but she dreams of becoming a big name in fine art photography. Though it’s not her forte, working an international fashion photo shoot in Rome could pave the way to reaching her dream.

The one thing she does not have time for is romance. At least, so she thinks. But taking a leap of faith with her profession could go hand in hand with taking a leap of faith with her very vulnerable heart…

Meet Domenic Varezzi

The American son of Italian immigrants has worked his way up from the bottom of the world of photography. Now one of the most sought-after, world renown fashion photographers, Domenic Varezzi can basically write his own checks and play by his own rules.baltic-sea-360280_1920

But deep down, he’s looking for a partner. Someone to not only share in his professional success, but to share in his life.

Domenic’s been burned before. Badly. But he’s still willing to take a chance on Kate Miller, in more ways than one…

WHEN IN ROME Release Day Giveaway!

I’m so excited that we’re only a week away from the official release of Sweet Somethings #2, WHEN IN ROME. I hope all of you are, too!

Love isn’t always picture perfect…

To celebrate my upcoming release, I’m holding a Rafflecopter Givewaway. Starting at midnight on Thursday, March 31st, you’ll have the chance (or really, several chances) to throw your hat into the ring to win:

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The giveaway will run from midnight on March 31st to midnight on April 16th. All winners will be notified no later than 11:59pm on April 17th.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Don’t forget to keep checking back here throughout the next couple weeks to meet the main characters, Kate Miller and Domenic Varezzi, and to take a little virtual trip to Italy with me – where I fell in love with my own Romantic Hero of a Husband.

Time for a Sneak Peek!

Only about two and a half weeks remain until WHEN IN ROME can hit your Kindle or Kindle reading app. Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop with announcements, and be sure to keep a close eye here on the blog for info on my Release Day Giveaway that will be starting next week.

Can’t quite wait? Here’s  a little taste for you…

Chapter 1: Phone Calls and Emails

My chair creaks as I lean back from my desk, stretching my arms overhead. The glow of the computer monitor is the only light in the room. Hooking my interlaced fingers around the back of my neck, I squint at the digital images on the screen. This afternoon’s engagement photo shoot had gone well, but I’d promised the couple proofs by tomorrow morning so they can make a selection for their official announcement. I have it narrowed down to four, the styles and poses ranging from traditional to artistic.photographer-455747_1920

Deep inside, I hope they’ll pick the artistic proof, where their heads are partly obscured by a length of gauzy fabric, leaving only the suggestion of an intimate about-to-kiss moment. During the editing process, I can play with the contrast and hues to give the photo an antique filter, leaving the color vibrant in that space right between their lips.

Too bad life can’t be edited as easily as a photograph.

My eyes start to burn, so I spin away from the computer and let my vision adjust to the dark of my studio space. Then I stand and go to the window. The Atlanta skyline stands in relief against the brilliant washes of red and orange from
tonight’s sunset.

One of my cameras sits on the window ledge. Without taking my eyes from the skyline, I lean over and pick it up. Fortunately, it’s my film camera, an expensive tool in today’s world of digital photography. I spent a few pennies I didn’t
really have to buy it online. And without a black room of my own, the cost of developing film images can be killer on a wallet. I’d love to invest in a digital scanner that would let me convert the negatives into digital files. Either that or create a black room. Right now, neither option works with my budget or my current studio space.

I have to be content with sending my film to a specialized developing company, always keeping my fingers crossed that both the prints and the negatives will make it back to me safely.

For a minute or two, I just watch the skyline, my hands automatically going through the steps of fitting the camera onto a nearby tripod. This is the last shot I’ve been trying to capture for my Atlanta Skies series, a project I hope will land me a spot in one of the local juried photography exhibitions. The colors of the sunset deepen a little more, setting the downtown skyscrapers in silhouette.

I hold my breath and bend to the viewfinder.

My cell phone rings.

Want to know who’s calling? Preview all of Chapter 1 HERE.


When in Rome (Sweet Somethings #2) is Available for Preorder!

Who here is dying for more Sweet Somethings? Well, you’re in luck!

In just three short weeks, WHEN IN ROME can be automatically delivered to your Kindle or Kindle reading app (on any supporting device)! And if you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll get first crack at the info on my release day giveaways.

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This is exciting. This is big.

Let me let the cover and blurb speak for themselves.

When in Rome (Sweet Somethings #2)

Love isn't always picture perfect...


Atlanta-based photographer Kate Miller doesn’t believe in fairytale romance or relationships of the forever kind. She’s determined to build her own happiness through hard work and professional success. So, when the opportunity arises to join an exclusive fashion photo shoot in Rome, she jumps on the chance to gain international recognition. But she’s not counting on an instant attraction to the charismatic, sexy, and irritatingly arrogant director of the shoot.

World famous, Domenic Varezzi is used to calling the shots. His clients trust his instincts and they’re willing to pay for the best. But while his career is thriving, his personal life has been lackluster at best. Hoping Kate could be the answer he’s been looking for, he’s determined to win her over. Every challenge she sends his way drives him to break through her tough-as-nails exterior to reach the vulnerable heart that matches his own.

Surrounded by the beauty and magic of Italy’s “Eternal City,” a foundation begins to form that could lead to a lifetime partnership, both in business and in love. Until Domenic’s past comes back to haunt the present and threatens to destroy everything.

Available April 6, 2016 from

Soul Mate Publishing